Nebud’ pecka

Nebuď pecka “Don´t be lazy”, in the literal senseDon´t be a seed”.  In the Czech language a seed also means something immobile, waiting to be active. Prague, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Key message –
Discover new knowledge on healthy lifestyles and try new types of physical activity, prepared by young people for young people.

–In the Czech Republic obesity is growing among the general population (currently half of the population struggles with being overweight, 20% obese). In the Nebud’ Pecka focus area (Dobříš, Central Bohemia), this serious phenomenon is combined with a high proportion of lower-income families, facing higher risk of junk cheap food eating and lower availability of public places in which  to be physically active. We have also discovered basic information deficiencies on healthy life style issues for young people. Although at first it seems that information are readily available (internet, magazines, newspapers), a plethora of often conflicting information, along with the media pressure, distorts healthy and responsible approaches to young people’s lifestyle choices. Bad habits from childhood carry a risk of future serious problems which we are currently already facing (e.g. increasing of anorexia and bulimia).

InsightThe target group is at a delicate age when they are forming important habits for the rest of  life in all its aspects and it is therefore very important to choose an approach that is sensitive to the environment in which children grow up. Peer-to-peer approach is the best natural way to pass information, modify and maintain habits in this type of issue.

Solution – Social marketing experts and nutritional specialists joined the campaign preparation to inform our core group of young people. Young people themselves designed the final form of the campaign based on what they had learnt. The most successful element of the Nebuď pecka campaign was interactive lectures in school settings, where young people shared newly acquired information with their peers in an attractive way. Trying new sports and support  in increasing of physical activities as well as in the change of eating habits is another important part, necessary for the whole process.

Impact – Results of Nebuď pecka campaign can be measured by the number of prepared activities and its visitors, the number of published articles about the project and the campaign, the number of fans and posts on social networks. Immeasurable impact is considered to be equally important, and we rank among them long-term positive response not only from the campaign participants and the pressure to continue similar activities on a larger scale, involving all stakeholders to promote long-term changes. The positive impact of the campaign not only among children but also among the general public shows that this kind of activity has a great benefit to changing lifestyle habits and its principle is internationally transferable.

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