LUTA POR TI ‘Lisbon, Portugal. The campaign title translates as ‘fight for yourself’ and is about taking the power and responsibility for your lifestyle choices.’

Key message - Take for yourself the power and responsibility over your lifestyle: what you eat and what you do to keep yourself active.

Challenge –The phenomenon of obesity among young Portuguese people is growing, mostly in the age groups that the project is dedicated. We noted an increase in cases of overweight and obesity much the fault of bad eating habits that today's young people have and a  lack of physical exercise as a rule rather than the exception. Life in the city, the fast pace and the economic crisis that we are going through, contribute to young people’s perception that the only food choices available to them are those that are less beneficial for their health. Obesity is still seen as something only aesthetically ugly and not as something that harms a lot the health of young people and their future.

Insight – Young people still remain more concerned about being good looking and belong to a group of friends who accept them for their looks than to be healthy and have good levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. It remains a challenge to show them that it is imperative not only to look good but, above all, to be healthy.

Solution – Working with the Portuguese CNE (Corpo Nacional de Escutas) allowed us access to a good target group (13 – 17 year olds) and gave us the opportunity to show them that small changes, to their everyday routine, can be beneficial in the long term and produce a significant change, not only to themselves but also for their peers and families. This was a subject demanding attention and this project gave us the motto to start a conversation and, for sure, the change.

Impact – “LUTA POR TI” is a campaign created by and for the young people and was launched via Facebook and Media (CNE Magazine), which they use to post content like our events; “Hoje o Cozinheiro Sou Eu” , “Soup Contest” and “National Fighting Obesity Day”; tips and news. Local stakeholders were a major support during all the campaign and we are confident that our effort will produce even more results in the future.

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